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Welcome to Anti-Homophobia-Plz, I'm pleased to see you here. :) We are the first group to be based on a subject such as anti homophobes (and we're proud of it, too)! If you would like to join, just click the join button, you'll be automatically approved. If you don't want to join, thanks so much for dropping by anyways!

:bulletred:IMPORTANT NOTE:bulletred:
We are NOT hear to be against the people who are merely just uncomfortable with the LGBT community. If you're uncomfortable that's fine, that's why it's called a 'phobia'. We are here to be against the people that DON'T like us and DON'T want to give us the same rights as everybody else.
Just want to make that clear. :B

Group Rules (I know what you're thinking--"Ugh, this is gonna be super long and boring, right?")
-I want you to feel COMFORTABLE in this group, maybe even more comfortable then you are with your own family.
-You must be mature, polite and kind to join!
-If you participate in any debates that may arise, be mature and THINK before you post something!
That is all.:iconteheplz:

We're still getting on our feet here!
Ways you can help out?

-Submit deviations to the group's favourites, and to our gallery!
-Tell people about this group!
-Make a fancy icon for us? ^^ The current icon was made by me... in Microsoft Paint... in... 3 minutes... with a track pad... ^^; (I just wanted something for temporary use.)
-It'd also be useful to have some Plz accounts, for text dividers, specifically made for this group! :iconlaaaplz:


Aces by tonights Aces :icontonights:tonights 48 51 by ParkerA :iconparkera:ParkerA 12 2
PLEASE submit to the right folder here as well!! :la:
(It really makes my job easier!)
Hi there:) Maybe some of you know it, but there's an act called Freedom To Marry, and it's trying to legalize gay marriage in the states of the US. It has won and lost in some states, and now they're in Minnesota. The problem is, Minnesota isn't going to be easy to win over, because the Minnesota Catholic Conference has said that they would put "extraordinary resources towards making sure this marriage amendment gets passed". So now Freedom To Marry needs a lot more supporters and some money.

This is where I come to ask for your help. As you might know, there's a t-shirt designing contest going on on dA :) The Top 3 winners will get many prizes including a 1500 $ check. If I get in that Top 3, i'm going to ask the dA staff to address that check to Freedom To  Marry. :hug: But in order for me to get in the Top 3, I must first get in the Top 50 by the people's votes. :) If you could only go to and click on the "I'd Wear This!" button under the Add To Favourites button to vote for me, I would appreciate it so so so so so much!! Please, i know that it's not guaranteed that I'll win, but there's also a chance that I might, so please; help me make that small chance come true :heart: Please :hug: :love

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I appreciate it so much! :heart: :hug: :love: Have a great day!! :heart: :hug: :love:
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Group Info

We are a group that does not support homophobes. No homophobes allowed, please (unless you totally respect us and are MATURE)!
We are a group that proudly supports the LGBT Community, as well as shonen-ai/yaoi and shoujo-ai/yuri.
Remember, DON'T hate the homophobes themselves, guys! Just because they don't like/hate something DOESN'T mean that they're bad people, respect each other!
I just thought that since there are anti-LGBT people, we should be anti-homophobes people! :dummy:
Even if there ARE a bunch of homophobes in my family. :B
Enjoy please, and when debating, respect each other and be mature. :)
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Sep 2, 2011


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Support & Cause

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Would you like to be a Co-Founder, or a Contributor? ^^
Feel free to send a request, stating why you would like to be apart of this group and be more involved then you would if you were just a member.
If you want to join as one of these two, make sure that you'll be ACTIVE and HELP the group whenever you can!
It also helps if we're friends and I know you, so that I can trust you. :)





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ServantOfFeeless Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist… <- Please help out our Brazillian LGBT kin! Vote: NAO in the voting poll. Brazil wants to make homosexuality illegal in Brazil! Stop this from happening!

Open an incognito window in Chrome. Close the window and open another (incognito) window, and you can vote as many times as you want.

IN CHROME, right click the link that leads to the poll. Then click "Open link in incognito window", it will open in an incognito and you can vote. Once you voted "Nao" and submitted your vote, close it again, then repeat the process.
SuperBlackdeth666 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014
Okay, normally I don't associate with groups on dA, but I felt like I had to turn to you guys;

I'm questioning. I'm seriously questioning my sexuality, and I do believe in the possibility that I am bisexual or gay. I admit, a part of me did wish to be gay, since it would presumably be much easier to get laid, but now that I've found that it actually is a possibility for me, I'm scared! I believe that even if my friends here on dA knew that such a possibility even existed, they'd disown me, and I don't know how to face that. Please help! Please
PrinceDumuzi Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014
*a wild trans joins*
Sefina-NZ Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i hate yaoi/yuri/shonen-ai/shoujo-ai but i hate homophobic
Just going to leave this here.
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that was interesting 
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Just asking but you did get my request to be a co-founder or contributor, right? :D
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Pansexuals can join, yes..? .u.
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